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Mud Bay Community Shows Tons of Love to Neighborhood Shelters

Our 2018 Tons of Love campaign raised $70,032.67 from Giving Tree gifts and an additional $14,000 in Santa photo donations. In addition to the $15,000 Mud Bay donated, we also received donations from seven manufacturers.


Celebrate the Holiday at the Dog Gone Easter Egg Hunt with Feline Friends

Spring has come, and the annual Dog Gone Easter Egg Hunt is here. This twelve-year tradition attracts dogs, adults and children to Lacey each year who want to spend part of their day hunting for eggs and enjoying plenty of snacks and prizes.


How to Find an Absorbent Pee Pad for Dogs

“I’m not trying to grow the pee pad market because disposable items aren’t ideal from an environmental perspective,” explains Petix General Manager Krister Holm. “But for people training puppies or who have older dogs, pee pads are an important tool.”


Shelter Partner Spotlight: Auburn Valley Humane Society

“Animal welfare organizations are often focused only on animals. But Auburn Valley Humane Society views ourselves as an organization concerned with providing human and animal services. We’ve never had a dog call us to ask if we sell dog licenses. So often it’s people we help, and then by helping people, we’re able to help animals,” says Phil Morgan, Auburn Valley Humane Society’s executive director.


Little Buddy Cat Toy Maker Tells Us: What Makes a Great Catnip Cat Kicker Toy?

“I have made over 25,000 cat toys for Mud Bay, from my home in Seattle,” said Chris Sweeney, who makes Buddy cat kicker toys. “That’s a lot of happy cats – and hopefully a lot of laughing and cheering.”


Spent Grain Dog Treats: One Sustainable Way to Use Brewer’s Grain

Spent grain dog treats are a popular way to use the grain after its been through the beer brewing process. But even if you’re not a homebrewer, there’s a good reason why you might want to consider spent grain biscuits the next time you’re looking for a treat for your dog. Spent grain has already […]


Raising Chickens: What to Know Before Starting a Backyard Chicken Flock

“People sometimes aren’t prepared for the fact that chickens can live for thirteen or fourteen years,” explains Staci Machado. “And hens don’t lay eggs that whole time. Chickens are bred to lay heavily for the first three to five years of their lives. Then, egg production drops significantly and then stops.”


It’s Dental Health Month: Time to Throw Away Your Cat’s Toothbrush

“Find a routine that you can stick with,” advises Shift Lead Alyssa Homan. “If your cat doesn’t like brushing, there are plenty of other options available. Use as many options as your cat will accept; so, don’t be afraid to use diet, chews, supplements and wipes to prevent plaque buildup.”


How Do Muddies Know So Much About Cats and Dogs?

“Show What You Know sections aren’t about memorizing answers; it’s about learning how to synthesize different information depending on your audience,” explains Learning and Development Specialist Maggie Nelson. “Muddies learn to blend what they learn from senior staff members, training, and evidence-based online sources to formulate solution-based answers to common questions.” 


How Do You Find Your Dog’s Favorite Toy?

“Play preference categories depend on the type of dog,” explains Category Manager Marney McGovern. “Some dogs are a mixture of a couple of different categories, but most dogs will like toys in at least one of these categories.”


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