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A Vet’s Best Tips for Picking a Senior Dog Food

“I’ve looked at the studies surrounding muscle loss and senior dogs, and if your dog doesn’t have a health condition that requires a low protein food, it’s better to look for a food with at least 24 percent dry matter protein,” advises Dr. Katy Patterson-Miller. If you look at the back of a can, pouch or bag of dog food that translates to 8% for raw frozen dog food; 5 % for wet food; and 22% for kibble and freeze-dried foods.


7 Dog-Friendly Places in Bellevue, Washington

To celebrate our move to our new location in Bellevue, we asked Muddies to share some of the best dog-friendly places in Bellevue and the surrounding areas. These spots are all dog friendly, so whether you want to eat, play or explore with your dog, the Bellevue area has you covered.


Get an Inside Look at How Fluff & Tuff Designs Dog Toys

“When designing a toy, I always try to start off with a real image of an animal. I go online and look at a lot of different photos of that animal, so I understand exactly what it looks like in the wild,” explains Fluff and Tuff Owner, Ellen Lawson. “Most of all, I want the toy I create to look natural and not look like a caricature. At the same time, I also want to create a toy that’s appealing and attractive to dogs and owners.”


Seven FAQs About Canine Heart Disease (DCM) and Grain-Free Dog Foods

Mud Bay talked to our in-house veterinarian, Dr. Katy Patterson-Miller, to get answers to your top seven questions about grain-free dog food, taurine and heart disease (DCM) in dogs. We also included a handout that explains everything we currently know about the FDA investigation, as well as our dietary recommendations for concerned dog owners.


The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County Hosts Paws in the Park

The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County was one of our first shelter partners at Mud Bay, and we’ve consistently admired the work they do. Not only do they endeavor to find pets the right homes, but they also work to help the welfare of all animals throughout the community.


Local Non-Profit Old Dog Haven Hosts Largest Senior Dog Gathering in the Nation

Puppies might be easy to love, but there’s something special about senior dogs. At least, that’s what Judith and Lee Piper believed when they started Old Dog Haven in 2004. This non-profit may have started with two senior dogs, but it’s now the largest senior dog rescue in the United States. This weekend, on July […]


How to Naturally Relieve Stress with Calmatives This Summer

“If you’re anticipating a stressful event like the Fourth of July, your best bet is to prepare a game plan in advance, including environmental and behavioral techniques as well as calmatives to make your pet’s experience more relaxing,” advises Learning and Development Specialist Maggie Nelson.


Seattle Humane Partners With Other Shelters to Extend Reach Across Nation

“Our transfer program may have started as a way to fulfill our kennels and help out source shelters,” explains Director of Animal Services at Seattle Humane, Juli Ross, “but Seattle Humane has now become a coordinator to help pets from all over…We love being a hub for the area!”


Mud Bay Dog and Cat Chalkboard Art on Display

While all our Muddies are proud dog and cat experts, some are talented artists as well. In the moments between have conversations with customers and stocking shelves, these gifted Muddies bring plenty of fun, color and information to the chalkboards in our stores. Click through to see some of our favorite Mud Bay dog and cat chalkboard art displays!


How to Choose and Use Dog Puzzle and Treat Toys

Retriever with Light-Up Ball

“When we talk about puzzle toys, we’re actually talking about two options: puzzle toys and slow feeders,” explains Greenway Store Manager Alicia McCusker. “Both toys provide excellent mental stimulation, but they also can make dogs work for their food and eat more slowly.”


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