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7 Dog-Friendly Places in Bellevue, Washington

To celebrate our move to our new location in Bellevue, we asked Muddies to share some of the best dog-friendly places in Bellevue and the surrounding areas. These spots are all dog friendly, so whether you want to eat, play or explore with your dog, the Bellevue area has you covered.

1. MetroDemic in Bellevue, Washington

11071 NE 6th St.

MetroDemic is a game played on your cell phone alongside a team of two to four people and their pooches. Your team will hustle on foot around downtown Bellevue to save as many lives as possible from a deadly epidemic in 90 minutes. It’s part scavenger hunt and part trivia. Not only are you engaging your brain and getting some exercise, you’ll compete to win against other teams as you see different parts of Bellevue. Best part: The entire course is dog-friendly!

2. WASH SPOT at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington

16519 NE Marymoor Way

Lots of people recommend the Marymoor Park off-leash area, which is hands-down the best dog park in the city. Also, in the heart of Marymoor is Wash Spot, a self-serve dog wash station. Have a super fun day playing at the park, then kill two birds with one stone by giving your pup a bath at their great facilities before you leave!

3. Blazing Bagels in Bellevue, Washington

555 108th Ave NE

These are some of the best bagels in town. You can choose a delicious French toast bagel, which is completely divine on its own. Or, you can build a sandwich to your exact specification—the options are endless. The best part about Blazing Bagels is the outdoor seating. You and your pup can eat breakfast in the shade together.

4. Luther Burbank Park in Mercer Island, Washington

2040 84th Ave SE

The Luther Burbank Park Off-Leash Area is a 1.25 acre fully fenced spot for dogs at the north end of the park. It has three access points to Lake Washington. There’s a small separate area for dogs that are small or shy, as well as a spot where you can hose down your dog as necessary. But really, many people just go to enjoy the incredible views of Bellevue and Seattle.

5. Island Books in Mercer Island, Washington

3014 78th Ave SE

If you decide to visit Luther Burbank Park, be sure to stop by this quaint, local-owned, customer-service focused bookstore on the way back. And yup, they’re pet friendly. Grab a free dog treat, or snap a picture with your cat to be posted on their Instagram. A lovely spot for book lovers young and old!

6. Beaver Lake Park and Dog Park in Sammamish, Washington

2600 244th Ave SE

This park has water access, a fully fenced dog park and plenty of shade. It doesn’t tend to be too crowded and there is a small/shy dog area that is gated off from the main play area. There is running water available for the dogs to drink so you can avoid some of the illnesses common with standing water. Try parking at the main park entrance and walking on a trail to the dog park to get some extra exercise. Of course, there’s also a parking lot near the doggie park entrance.

7. Robinswood Park in Bellevue, Washington

2432 148th Ave SE

This is a great neighborhood park with two dog corrals with double-entry gates perfect for some quick playtime with your pup. Because it’s right on 148th, it’s a great space to visit if you don’t have time to travel outside the Bellevue area with your dog. It also has water available for dogs, which is a big plus in the summer.

Bonus Spot: Mud Bay in Bellevue, Washington

1645 140th Avenue NE

We’re moving to our new location in Bellevue on August 22nd, but what we offer to all our visitors won’t change. Bring your dog or cat to sample our treat of the week at any time, or visit for one of our Yappy Hours or adoption events. We also have in-store scales if you want to find out how much your dog weighs, so you can accurately feed the right amount of food and administer supplements.


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