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Come Support the LGBTQIA+ Community at 2019 Pride Events

Mud Bay Capital City PRIDE from Mud Bay on Vimeo.

Every June, people across the world celebrate the joys and recognize the challenges of being part of the LGBTQIA+ community. The first Pride was established in 1970 to remember the victims of the Stonewall riots the year before. But Pride month has grown into a time for remembrance and support of the diversity of sexuality and gender experiences in our world.

It’s also a time for everyone to revisit their awareness of the difficulties that the LGBTQIA+ community faces, and how we all can work together to make sure that all people can live with dignity, equal rights and affirmation of their true selves.

This year, Mud Bay will be marching to support our team members, our customers and our community in our hometown of Olympia, Washington’s Pride Parade. Come walk with us.

June 1st: Burien Pride Festival in Burien, WA

June 1st: PhinneyWood Pride Rainbow Hop at Greenwood in Seattle, WA

June 15th: Volunteer Park Pride Festival at Capital Hill in Seattle, WA

June 15th through 16th: Portland Pride Festival in Portland, OR

June 22nd: Central Oregon Pride in Bend, OR

June 23rd: Capital City Pride at Olympia, WA

July 13th: Tacoma Pride Festival at Tacoma, WA

July 12nd through July 14th: Bellingham Pride Festival in Bellingham, WA

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