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Six Dog-Friendly Places Near Renton, Washington

Need a spot to spend quality time with your dog? Renton, Washington, and the surrounding areas have plenty of places for you and your wet-nosed companion to explore. Whether you want to hike, play or simply enjoy a beer and snack with your dog, there’s a place in Renton to enjoy. Here are a few of our favorite spaces in Renton.

  1. Seattle Agility (19313 Renton-Maple Valley Rd SE, Maple Valley)

A leisurely 15-minute drive from our new Renton store is the Seattle Agility center, which offers classes for dogs and their owners seven days a week. Don’t be deceived by the name—Seattle Agility offers classes in nosework, AKC tricks and canine parkour as well as agility training. So, if you’d like to spend time indoors while training your dog to run, jump, climb and track on command, Seattle Agility has you covered.

  1. Trenchers Kitchen & Tap (822 North 10th Place, Renton)

After a hard day’s work, sometimes all you want to do is have a beer while spending time unwinding with your dog. At Trenchers Kitchen & Tap, you can enjoy 50 rotating beers on tap with an overall selection of 150 beers on their outdoor patio with your pooch. There’s also plenty of appetizers and entrées available for the human members of your party to enjoy.

  1. Vortex Agility (13427 SE 216th St, Kent)

If you’re willing to travel to nearby Kent, you can book a class at Vortex Agility that will allow you and your dog to get some indoor exercise. Border Collies, Shelties and Australian Shepherds may be known as the superstars of the agility world, but every dog can enjoy this sport. At Vortex, class sizes are kept to six or less, which allows you and your dog a chance to focus on your skills. Of course, if you’d prefer some individual tutelage for you and your dog, Vortex also offers individual classes.

4. Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park (18201 SE Cougar Mountain Dr, Renton)

Year-round, rain or shine, you’ll find plenty of hikers and their four-legged companions exploring the many trails located throughout Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park. There are multiple trails at various skill levels, so you’re sure to find a trail that will fit everyone’s individual skill level. A few of the trails allow horseback riders, so you may want to avoid those trails with less-equine savvy canines.

  1. Cedar River Dog Park (1500 Houser Way South, Renton)

Cedar River Dog Park offers the dogs of Renton and surrounding areas a place to congregate, run and socialize. Double gates ensure that your dog won’t be able to leave accidentally, and there are shade structures and water provided during the spring and summer to ensure your dog won’t overheat. Cedar River also has an agility course, which gives adventurous dogs a place to practice their skills.

  1. Lake Wilderness Arboretum (22520 SE 248th in Maple Valley)

Explore the five acres of carefully curated trees at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum. Unlike other arboretums, this Maple Valley one welcomes dogs on leashes as long as you’re will to clean up after them. Many of paths are both wheelchair and stroller accessible. There’s also free parking and benches situated throughout the park to make your visit easier.

Bonus: Mud Bay Renton (17322 140th Ave. SE, Suite 9, Renton)

Whether you’re looking for a new treat or bed to try, or just want a spot to check your pet’s weight, the new Mud Bay in Renton has you covered. If you have a bit of extra time, try filling out a pet profile for the four-legged member of your house so you can track eating habits and favorite foods. Before you leave, make sure to ask for a free sample of our Treat of the Week to see if it’s something that your dog will love.

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