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Making Clean-Up Easy by Pairing Scoops with Natural Litter

When you upgrade to a natural litter, you may find that your current scoop doesn’t do the job you need. Natural litters break down differently and are shaped differently than clay litters, so a regularly slotted scoop may not be your best option. To help you on your quest to make cleaning your litter box […]


Six Dog-Friendly Places Near Renton, Washington

Need a spot to spend quality time with your dog? Renton, Washington, and the surrounding areas have plenty of places for you and your wet-nosed companion to explore. Whether you want to hike, play or simply enjoy a beer and snack with your dog, there’s a place in Renton to enjoy.


Doesn’t Matter if Your Pet’s Been Naughty or Nice, Santa Is Coming to Mud Bay

Seeing Santa is a holiday tradition for many families. But people with pets may not be able to find a Santa who’s willing to listen to the wishlist of the four-legged family members. That’s why many Mud Bay store managers commit to hosting Santa photo events in their stores at least once a year. These events have a Santa willing to listen to your pet’s wishlist and pose for a photo commemorating the occasion. 


Mud Bay Customers Make Season Bright for Pets with Giving Trees

Mud Bay stores build relationships with local shelters all year long. And in November, they choose one to three charities to feature with their in-store Giving Tree. Customers choose what they’d like to give to the featured shelters. The Muddies in each store collect the gifts, and then the shelters pick up the gifts that help them do their valuable work all season long.


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