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Ways to Use CBD for Dog Anxiety or as a Cat Calmative

tortoise cat with white markings napping on bed

Many people investigating CBD for dog anxiety or as a cat calmative want to help their pet overcome reactions to regular occurrences. But how do you know if CBD will work as a calmative for your animal?


Mud Bay Discover: The ABCs of CBD Podcast

Why is CBD everywhere? And could it help your pet? Mud Bay discusses CBD for dogs and cats and how to choose the right supplement for your pet. Along the way, we’ll also cover cannabis history, the science behind CBD, and why hemp accumulates more heavy metals and pesticides than almost any other plant.


Seven FAQs About Canine Heart Disease (DCM) and Grain-Free Dog Foods

Mud Bay talked to our in-house veterinarian, Dr. Katy Patterson-Miller, to get answers to your top seven questions about grain-free dog food, taurine and heart disease (DCM) in dogs. We also included a handout that explains everything we currently know about the FDA investigation, as well as our dietary recommendations for concerned dog owners.


How to Naturally Relieve Stress with Calmatives This Summer

“If you’re anticipating a stressful event like the Fourth of July, your best bet is to prepare a game plan in advance, including environmental and behavioral techniques as well as calmatives to make your pet’s experience more relaxing,” advises Learning and Development Specialist Maggie Nelson.


How to Fight Fleas and Address Flea Dermatitis

Dalmation sitting on a dog bed

Fleas are a fact of life in the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn’t mean that your dog or cat should be infested or miserable during the summer months. Keeping everyone healthy and happy depends on finding the right blend of flea preventatives and treatments, and we talked to Keely Bredahl to get the best tips […]


Infographic: A Road Map to Moving With Dogs

Moving can be a stressful time, but planning ahead can make this change easier for you and your dog. So, from vet visits to trip planning, here are our recommendations for moving with dogs.


Spent Grain Dog Treats: One Sustainable Way to Use Brewer’s Grain

Spent grain dog treats are a popular way to use the grain after its been through the beer brewing process. But even if you’re not a homebrewer, there’s a good reason why you might want to consider spent grain biscuits the next time you’re looking for a treat for your dog. Spent grain has already […]


Raising Chickens: What to Know Before Starting a Backyard Chicken Flock

“People sometimes aren’t prepared for the fact that chickens can live for thirteen or fourteen years,” explains Staci Machado. “And hens don’t lay eggs that whole time. Chickens are bred to lay heavily for the first three to five years of their lives. Then, egg production drops significantly and then stops.”


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