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Making Clean-Up Easy by Pairing Scoops with Natural Litter

When you upgrade to a natural litter, you may find that your current scoop doesn’t do the job you need. Natural litters break down differently and are shaped differently than clay litters, so a regularly slotted scoop may not be your best option. To help you on your quest to make cleaning your litter box […]


Things to Consider Before You Choose Your Next Cat Litter

“Just like you should transition between foods, you want to transition between litters,” advises Mercer Island Store Manager Taylor Richmond. “This is crucial if you’re changing textures. Transitioning between one clumping litter to another clumping litter is usually simpler because the texture is the same. Cats feel the change in litter when they walk on it. So, if the feel is different, you may want to take a full week for a slower transition.”


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