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Could Prebiotics for Dogs and Cats Lead to Weight Loss?

“Prebiotics help the body maintain good bacteria at an optimal level,” explains InClover Research President Rebecca Rose. “Current research focused on animals and humans show that there is a real link between an imbalance of bacteria in the system and overweight or underweight animals and humans.”


How to Help Your Indoor Cats Hunt for Their Food

two cats cuddling

“An indoor cat is not going to have an opportunity to hunt a mouse,” explains Mukilteo Store Manager Whitney Wilmott. “But play or any other physical activity triggers the same hunting mental response. Activity can stimulate appetite. Playing with your cat right before you feed him helps him think that he’s hunting his food. Then, when he’s eating, it’s as if he’s caught his meal.”


How to Choose and Use Dog Puzzle and Treat Toys

Retriever with Light-Up Ball

“When we talk about puzzle toys, we’re actually talking about two options: puzzle toys and slow feeders,” explains Greenway Store Manager Alicia McCusker. “Both toys provide excellent mental stimulation, but they also can make dogs work for their food and eat more slowly.”


Easy Ways to Encourage Healthy Cat and Dog Weight Gain

“Usually, when customers ask me about this problem, they’re having issues with older cats who can’t maintain weight,” explains Store Lead Tryniti Thresher. “So, what works for most cats is finding a food with a high meat content that is also very calorically dense.”


How Catification Can Make Your Home Better for You and Your Cat

“I think of catification as the process of turning a human-centric living space into a space that equally accommodates a cat’s need for enrichment and pleasure,” explains Senior Learning and Development Specialist Lesley Bart. “Basically, it’s a strategy for providing more useful territory for your cats and helping them coexist more peacefully with you.”


How to Start Hiking Outdoors with Your Dog

“There are so many wonderful, short hikes off Highway 2. They’re great for beginners who really want to get their dogs out on the trail, and who really want to spend some time outdoors,” shares Shoreline Store Manager Lizzie Humphries.


Diet Changes That May Spur Dog Weight Loss

“First, I like to talk about the difference between food and love. And how I often find myself substituting food for love with my own dog,” explains Mill Creek Store Manager Fay Harris. “We love our dogs so much, and we want to make them happy. But in the end, it can be detrimental to their health if we give them too much food.”


How to Set Goals and Track Weight Loss in Dogs and Cats

“While you should use body condition scoring to decide whether or not your pet needs to lose weight, it’s important to use the scale to evaluate your progress,” explains District Manager Rebecca Zander. “Dogs and cats should lose weight slowly, and it’s impossible to be able to visually assess exactly what a 1 percent weight loss looks like.”


Why Cutting Carbs Can Lead to Significant Weight Loss in Cats

“Cats are what’s known as obligate carnivores,” explains Sammamish Store Manager Julie McCulloch. “That means their diet should primarily consist of high protein, high fat and little to no carbohydrate content. Any carbs they do tend to eat aren’t processed by their bodies very well, so carbohydrates can result in cats being more likely to be overweight.


Why General Feeding Guidelines Don’t Match Your Dog or Cat’s Needs

Overlake store manager Kendra Jensen knows from experience that the manufacturer’s feeding guidelines don’t always meet a dog or cat’s needs. As a three-year Muddy, Kendra has talked about the importance of individualized feeding guidelines with hundreds of customers.


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