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Six Dog-Friendly Places Near Renton, Washington

Need a spot to spend quality time with your dog? Renton, Washington, and the surrounding areas have plenty of places for you and your wet-nosed companion to explore. Whether you want to hike, play or simply enjoy a beer and snack with your dog, there’s a place in Renton to enjoy.


10 Places Sure to Delight Cat Lovers in Portland, Oregon

With over 700,000 cats in the Portland metro area, PDX is the place for cat lovers. Walk through any Portland neighborhood and you’ll spot felines sunning themselves in windowsills or enjoying the occasional catio. To celebrate the opening of our twelfth store in the Portland metro area, we talked to feline-loving Muddies to find out exactly where they like to spend their free time.


New Robal Village Mud Bay Opens in Bend, Oregon

Robal Mud Bay Bend Oregon

We’re so excited to be opening a second store in Bend, Oregon. Lots of Muddies already love Bend for its hundreds of miles of mountain-biking trails and its thousands of acres of skiing and snowboarding terrain. But even if you don’t love the great outdoors—the 300 days of sunshine to enjoy all Bend has to offer—there’s still plenty to do. This small Oregon city has plenty of breweries, restaurants, wineries and theaters to make even the grayest days more fun.


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