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It’s Dental Health Month: Time to Throw Away Your Cat’s Toothbrush

“Find a routine that you can stick with,” advises Shift Lead Alyssa Homan. “If your cat doesn’t like brushing, there are plenty of other options available. Use as many options as your cat will accept; so, don’t be afraid to use diet, chews, supplements and wipes to prevent plaque buildup.”


Health Benefits of Raw Food and Added Hydration for Dogs

“Cooking destroys some vital nutrients, which is why many foods need added vitamins to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements,” explains Store Staff Member Max Hanckel. “With raw food, you’re getting what you need directly from the food. And with a raw product, you preserve the natural living enzymes in the food that are killed through the heating process. “


Why Your Cat’s Health May Improve with More Moisture and Raw Food

“One article I read said that one in five cats over the age of 15 get kidney disease,” explains Williams Shift Lead Josie Stewart-Lewis. “So, it’s a prevalent problem in older cats. Most cats live in a state of constant mild dehydration. They’re evolved to get moisture from meat, so they don’t naturally drink enough water to stay hydrated. And being dehydrated is hard on the kidneys.”


How to Save Money While Feeding a Raw Food Diet

“If you want most of the health benefits of feeding raw food, we recommend feeding at least 50 percent,” said Shoreline Store Lead Kelsey Deans. “For dogs, that can be a very easy transition to make. For example, with my own dog, I feed her half kibble and half raw. It’s a cost-effective way of meeting her nutritional needs [with some raw food].”


Simple Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Diet for Cats

“Some cats are difficult when it comes to transitions,” explains Community Outreach Coordinator Allison Strange. “Cats are particular about texture in a way that dogs are not. Try to be patient and help them get used to that new texture in order to successfully transition.”


Simple Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Diet for Dogs

Mud Bay recommends a raw diet for dogs because it offers a wide variety of benefits to them. One of the biggest benefits is the amount of moisture that raw food can add to your dog’s diet. A frozen raw diet contains intercellular moisture locked into every bite, while freeze-dried and air-dried foods can easily be rehydrated on an as-needed basis.


Time-Saving Kitchen Tips for Raw Foods and Supplements

“You can save a ton of time by doing all of your food prep on the weekend, instead of trying to measure out raw food several times a day before every meal,” explains Data Quality Specialist Sarah Carter. “Not only do you save time measuring, but it’s easier because you only have to clean utensils and the counterspace once after dividing the raw food.”


Should You Worry About Salmonella in Raw Pet Food?

“There are a lot of safe handling guidelines for raw meat, in general, whether it’s raw pet food or people food…Basically, what people need to do is treat raw pet food like raw meat they cook at home,” explains Dr. Katy Patterson.


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