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Walk/Run for the Animals with the Humane Society for SW Washington

For 28 years, this popular event has provided valuable funding to the Humane Society for Southwest Washington while bringing together everyone for a morning of exercise and activities. In the last few years, the Humane Society for Southwest Washington has expanded the offerings to cater to runners and dog owners. We talked to Denise Barr, the Vice President and Director of Marketing at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington to find out a little more about the event, and to learn more about their intriguing program in partnership with the Larch Correction Center.


Mud Bay Community Shows Tons of Love to Neighborhood Shelters

Our 2018 Tons of Love campaign raised $70,032.67 from Giving Tree gifts and an additional $14,000 in Santa photo donations. In addition to the $15,000 Mud Bay donated, we also received donations from seven manufacturers.


Celebrate the Holiday at the Dog Gone Easter Egg Hunt with Feline Friends

Spring has come, and the annual Dog Gone Easter Egg Hunt is here. This twelve-year tradition attracts dogs, adults and children to Lacey each year who want to spend part of their day hunting for eggs and enjoying plenty of snacks and prizes.


Shelter Partner Spotlight: Auburn Valley Humane Society

“Animal welfare organizations are often focused only on animals. But Auburn Valley Humane Society views ourselves as an organization concerned with providing human and animal services. We’ve never had a dog call us to ask if we sell dog licenses. So often it’s people we help, and then by helping people, we’re able to help animals,” says Phil Morgan, Auburn Valley Humane Society’s executive director.


Mud Bay Customers Make Season Bright for Pets with Giving Trees

Mud Bay stores build relationships with local shelters all year long. And in November, they choose one to three charities to feature with their in-store Giving Tree. Customers choose what they’d like to give to the featured shelters. The Muddies in each store collect the gifts, and then the shelters pick up the gifts that help them do their valuable work all season long.


Animals Lovers Prepare for CAT Run to Benefit MEOW

In 1997, two women who loved animals founded Mercer Island Orphans and Waifs in a single room in a pet grocery store. Over twenty years later, this shelter—better known as MEOW Cat Rescue—is responsible for saving 800 to 1,000 cats and 30 to 50 dogs each year. And on October 13, MEOW is encouraging everyone to support their work by participating in the CAT Run in Marymoor Park. The CAT run, which actually stands for Covering All-Terrain Running, benefits MEOW and the work that they do all year.


The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County Hosts Paws in the Park

The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County was one of our first shelter partners at Mud Bay, and we’ve consistently admired the work they do. Not only do they endeavor to find pets the right homes, but they also work to help the welfare of all animals throughout the community.


Seattle Humane Partners With Other Shelters to Extend Reach Across Nation

“Our transfer program may have started as a way to fulfill our kennels and help out source shelters,” explains Director of Animal Services at Seattle Humane, Juli Ross, “but Seattle Humane has now become a coordinator to help pets from all over…We love being a hub for the area!”


Flight Mud Bay 200 Lands with 225 Dogs and Cats Looking for New Homes

For 225 dogs and cats, Memorial Day weekend marked the beginning of a new life. Thanks to the combined efforts of nine animal shelters, Wings of Rescue, the Humane Society of the United States and Mud Bay, these dogs and cats left overcrowded shelters in Texas and Oklahoma to start a new journey in Washington […]


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