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Learning About Mud Bay’s New Blog Launch in Four Short FAQs

Today, we launched Mud Bay’s interview-based company blog. We hope that this blog will provide readers with fun and actionable information to delight you and your dog or cat. Whether you want to know about cat toys, dog nutrition, the latest pet-related news or something else, you’ll find some of the answers to your questions here.

To help you learn more about our blog, we’ve answered our four most commonly asked questions:

1. Is this Mud Bay’s new website?

Nope! This is just a blog. You’ll still be able to find information about our store locations, food manufacturers and company events at mudbay.com.

2. How often will there be new posts?

We’ll be publishing new interviews at least once a week, so come visit us often!

3. Who will you be interviewing? Will you only talk to Mud Bay people?

We’re committed to interviewing plenty of Muddies, but we’ll also be interviewing lots of other folks, too. With over 30 years of experience in the pet food industry, we’ve met many interesting and brilliant people. We’re hoping to introduce these people to you through our blog.

In the next few months, you’ll see interviews with our shelter partners, food manufacturing partners, supplement formulators and other people making a difference in the lives of dogs and cats. You’ll also be able to read interviews from a variety of Muddies who want to share their own stories, tips and knowledge about different aspects of cat and dog health and nutrition.

4. You seem to really like this interview format. Why?

We’re a company that likes questions and really great answers. Whether we’re trying to answer Muddy or customer queries, we’re always striving to give informed, thoughtful answers to questions about dogs and cats. So, when we started writing this blog, it made sense to use a question-and-answer format.

We’re hoping that these posts will highlight common customer questions while giving you valuable information to make the best choices for your dog or cat. But if you have a burning question we haven’t covered, don’t wait for it to show up on the blog! Visit one of our local stores, and a Muddy will help answer your questions about dog and cat nutrition. Of course, you can also contact us on Facebook or our website to ask us anything about animal nutrition or our products.

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