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Local Non-Profit Old Dog Haven Hosts Largest Senior Dog Gathering in the Nation

Puppies might be easy to love, but there’s something special about senior dogs. At least, that’s what Judith and Lee Piper believed when they started Old Dog Haven in 2004. This non-profit may have started with two senior dogs, but it’s now the largest senior dog rescue in the United States. This weekend, on July […]

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Muddies Share Their Hopes for Future Diversity

Mud Bay Staff Stand Behind Banner After Celebrating Pride

Pride month is done, but there are Pride parades in July if you’d still like to attend. Muddies will be at the Tacoma and Bellingham pride festivals, so if you’re planning on visiting, please stop by. For the third part of our series, we asked two Muddies to talk about their hopes for the future of Pride, the community and our society. 


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